Our Beer


This traditional German-style Altbier is made with a very rare yeast. Our uncommon—but delicious—Altbier is smooth yet flavorful, and is meant to be sipped and enjoyed.

5.5% ALC/VOL


Imperial Red Label GraphicImperial Red Ale

Our Imperial Red offers the brightest and most brilliant amber colors, topped by a slightly off-white crown with a full citrus aroma. While it goes down smoothly, make no mistake—this beer has serious flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate. It is a hop-forward red ale with a trio of spicy, citrus, and floral hops leading to a cool, clean finish with a mild bite at the end.

6.5% ALC/VOL


Honey Rye Label GraphicHoney Rye Ale

Our Royal Rye has a brilliant honey color and a creamy white head. From the first sip, experience the distinct honey taste—from honey sourced locally in the Midwest—without too much sweetness. It gives way to a nice dry, crisp finish, enhanced by the earthy tones the noble hops impart.

4.7% ALC/VOL


Honey Dunkelweizen Label GraphicHoney Dunkelweizen

Our delicious Honey Dunkelweizen is made with three kinds of hops and three unique caramel grains giving it a complex body with floral, and slightly spicy aroma and flavor. A glass of our Dunkel offers a rich, refreshing mahogany-colored brew to match the locally sourced honey we use to craft it. With its smooth, slightly malty finish, this beer will leave you dreaming of your next Honey Dunkel!

5.2% ALC/VOL


Seattle-Style IPA Label GraphicSeattle-Style IPA

Our Seattle-Style IPA has been specifically crafted to pack a distinctive hop punch. From the first sip of the malty and complex grain structure, to the piney, spicy, resiny bitterness that this IPA offers, the fruity tones and citrus aroma are all working together to deliver optimum hoppy goodness!

6.2% ALC/VOL[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]